The Inventor of the Airplane (Disrupting Fact #6)

This one is all about USA vs Brasil.
Many believe that the Wright brothers were the first to fly an airplane, and hence officially define them as the inventors of the plane.
Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. The Brazilian inventor Alberto Santos-Dumont was in fact the first one (the 23rd Oct. 1906) to publicly fly an airplane, respecting the strict conditions for the experiment to be successful.
The Wright brothers (in the USA) had been flying their own airplanes since 1903, apparently, but they never did such experiments in public. While documented (on paper and with 1 picture) and in the presence of a handful of witnesses, the Wright brothers kept their discovery ‘secret’ until the first public flight in 1908.
For this reason, it is not that lapalissian that it was the Wright brothers and not Santos-Dumont who shall be crowned as the inventor of the first ever functioning airplane.

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