About me

My name is Giuseppe D'Antonio (called "Giu" by friends).

Italian, but lived 13 years around the globe. USA is my second home (9 years there), but also lived in France, UK, Switzerland and Singapore.

Background in Engineering from Purdue University (USA) and then an MBA from INSEAD. Entrepreneur (tech/digital) and manager with lots of additional passions and interests, including performing arts, futurology, music (playing more than listening), writing, exploring the world (50+ countries visited so far; Brazil wins my heart).

In short, a lucky man.

In the professional realm, I am founder and CEO of Exa Futures (Exa Futures) , the company behind the interest-network platform CircleMe (www.circleme.com), perhaps the richest (in content and data-points) interest-based network on the web. If you don't have a clue of what this means, no worries... contact me and I will explain. 😉

I am a stakeholder in other online/mobile players, including Cuebiq, BeintoogreenApes and GoodBuyAuto, while I advise a more numerous set of companies.

Due to my great passion for all types of performing arts, in May 2015 I have also founded Corti Teatrali (www.cortiteatrali.com) with a great group of fellows. The project aims to innovate the fascinating world of performing arts.

As a strong believer in our new generations, in 2011 I have co-founded the philanthropic program Sogna&Realizza (www.sognaerealizza.com) which aims to help young generations develop a sense of optimism and an attitude to shape their own future through the projects they bring to completion.

Thank you very much for visiting my website, and now, please call me "Giu".


Would you want to know more about my professional background: https://it.linkedin.com/in/giuseppedantonio

This is a video presentation I made in 2013, which I like because two wonderful people (Mario and Lais) put it together.

If you care to know the interests and passions I have in life, you must visit my CircleMe profile: http://circleme.com/giudantonio