About me

My name is Giuseppe D’Antonio, but friends usually call me “Giu” or other creative nicknames.

Thanks to a fortunate life, rich of unpredictable and surprising moments, I have the luck to enjoy every day I live, through the many activities and projects I keep myself busy with.

In the professional realm, I am founder and CEO of Exa Futures (Exa Futures) , the company behind the interest-network platform CircleMe (www.circleme.com), perhaps the richest (in content and data-points) interest-based network on the web. If you don’t have a clue of what this means, no worries… contact me and I will explain. 😉

I am a stakeholder in other online/mobile players, including Cuebiq, BeintoogreenApes and GoodBuyAuto, while I advise a more numerous set of companies.

Due to my great passion for all types of performing arts, in May 2015 I have also founded Corti Teatrali (www.cortiteatrali.com) with a great group of fellows. The project aims to innovate the fascinating world of performing arts.

As a strong believer in our new generations, in 2011 I have co-founded the philanthropic program Sogna&Realizza (www.sognaerealizza.com) which aims to help young generations develop a sense of optimism and an attitude to shape their own future through the projects they bring to completion.

I know what you are thinking… I probably do not have a personal life. Well, I do look forward to meet you in person in the future, to prove you wrong. 😉

Thank you very much for visiting my website, and now, please call me “Giu“.


Would you want to know more about my professional background: https://it.linkedin.com/in/giuseppedantonio (with some hashtags: #purdueuniversity #univeritadelaquila #google #manhattanassociates #dada #circleme #logfire)

This is a video presentation I made in 2013, which I like because two wonderful people (Mario and Lais) put it together.

If you care to know the interests and passions I have in life, you must visit my CircleMe profile: http://circleme.com/giudantonio